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Tinted windows are not just cosmetic elements that make your vehicle look more stylish. They also offer protection for your vehicle. This protection is especially important if you are driving regularly – like for work, long commutes, lots of highway driving, etc. Tinted windows can make a big difference as their benefits are very noticeable and can impact your driving experience in great measure.

If you are considering getting tinted windows for your ride, here are some good things to know.

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Window tinting is an up-front investment. With proper installation and maintenance, your window tint can last for the lifetime of the vehicle. It all depends on the type of tint you choose. Hybrid films with metal deposits and dye can last over 5 years with proper maintenance. High-end deposition or metalized spluttered films can last for more than 10 years.

Ceramic and carbon tint films come with lifetime warranties that also cover installation mistakes and product defects. Of course, window tint films that last longer and offer more quality are more expensive – but if you look at the long-term equation, they are a sensible, one-time investment that will pay dividends year after year.


Not all window tints are the same. The dyed window tint is inexpensive; it blocks sunlight and has a great appearance, but it lasts around 5 years and doesn’t offer the best heat protection. The metalized window tint is highly effective when it comes to blocking heat; it reflects glare and it strengthens the windows. Metalized tints also last very long and don’t fade.

Hybrid tints combine the benefits of both dyed and metalized tints, and they are not overly reflective nor too dark. Carbon tints have an amazing matte finish that looks great, doesn’t fade, and offers great heat reduction. If you want to get a window tint that doesn’t darken your windows and offers protection, use the crystalline tint. Before choosing, consider your needs and how soon you are willing to replace the tint.

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We are often asked if tinted windows provide privacy during nighttime. Simply put, no they don’t. However, this rule has exceptions. By using a film that is highly reflective, you can reduce the chances of someone on the outside being able to see inside your car. Aside from the reduction the tint provides, consider light disparity. If the level of light inside your car is higher than the light outside, people will be able to see you. A lot of our customers tend to read that window tinting cannot be applied in wet or cold weather but rest assured that we can do this no matter the weather conditions, as we have modern window tinting products with adhesive systems that can handle virtually any circumstances.

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