Care Tips For Your Paint Protection Film


To ensure your paint protection film is as durable as possible, there are a few minor things to pay attention to. When the installation of the paint protection film is done by the experts, there aren’t many things to worry about, only a few guidelines to follow to avoid any potential issues. At CozyCar, we guarantee a 5-star service, and after our installation, only minor maintenance is required.


It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the paint protection film in the first couple of weeks after the installation, especially if you’ve decided to DIY your way around it. The most common problem with improper film installation is bubbling. Not only will the film start peeling off and cracking, but it could also damage the original paint that it’s supposed to protect. This is exactly why it’s better to leave this job to the professionals. At CozyCar, we not only ensure that the installation is as perfect as possible, but we use the highest quality products and have both the manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on our installations.

Our highest quality product is the Suntek’s vinyl protection for cars with self-healing properties. To ensure optimal adhesion of this paint protection film, it’s best to wait at least a week before washing or waxing your car.


After waiting at least one week, you can wash or wax your car as you normally would. Any wax build-up along film edges can easily be removed with a lint-free cloth. We suggest you avoid touchless car washes if possible, and if you’re using a pressure washer, hold it at least 12 inches from the film. Avoid spraying directly at the edges as well. This is generally the best idea, even without a paint protection film, simply because you want to ensure that the paint (or the film) is not exposed to unnecessary stress.

As far as the cleaning materials are concerned, following some of the typical guidelines for car-washing is completely fine. It’s always best to use PH neutral, and mild soaps, as high-strength chemicals are very aggressive, whether you have the film protection or not. Any stubborn stains can easily be removed with 99% isopropyl alcohol. With proper care, your paint protection film will last for many years and will keep your car looking glossy and fresh.


CozyCar offers the best paint protection film on the market. Virtually invisible when applied to painted surfaces, our SunTek Ultra protective film doesn’t change the lines of your vehicle but lets the beautiful paint color shine through. This paint protection film helps preserve your car’s finish by self-healing when scratches and small chips occur. When a scratch appears on your car’s surface, this car paint protection film self-heals in the heat of the sun so that the scratch disappears.

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