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When it comes to car accessories in Kingston, trust the car aftermarket professionals at CozyCar! We’re car people – and we care just as much for your car as we do for ours! Got questions about car accessories such as dash cams, bug deflectors, vent visors or tonneau covers? We’ve got answers.

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What are the basic accessories for a new car?

The main accessories that we sell for a new car are vent visors, bug deflectors, dash cams and tonneau covers. We’ve got more, too, so inquire within.

What are the must have car accessories?

For a truck a tonneau cover is an absolute must. Not only does it keep rain and snow out of the bed of the pick up, but it also gives a great look to a truck.

What accessories should I buy for my first car?

You can’t go wrong with a dash cam. I can’t count the amount of customers that have come into our shop and see our display of dash cams and comment on how they wish they had one on their car for an accident or break in they were involved in. It only takes one incident for the dash cam to pay for itself ten times over. And the peace of mind alone is worth the cost.


There’s a wide variety of aftermarket accessories out there. Some are definitely better than others. If you see something on eBay, Amazon or Kijiji and it seems too good to be true, it probably is. At CozyCar we carry high-quality car accessories that are built to last. We’ve done the research and sourced the marketplace for the best gear to enhance your driving experience.

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Questions? Our Team Is Ready To Help!

    Questions? Our Team Is Ready To Help!